Kendall Mann

What Difference Does it Make?

UG Thesis 2022 ++
*      Thesis Prep
*      Diagrams and reseach
*      Drawings I
*      Drawings II
*      Model photographs

Architecture in the Expanded Field

Vertical Studio 2021 ++
*       Models and research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II


Advanced Project Delivery 2021 ++
*       Construction documents
*       Wall sections and details

Museum as Accumulation

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Diagrams and models
*       Drawings I
*       Drawings II
*       Plan animation

Matters of Congestion

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II

In the Field

2020 - 2022 ++
*       Photography and videography

Kendall Mann —

  1. Graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc] with a B. Arch. Proficient in Rhino, Vray, Revit, Adobe Suite, AutoCad, Fabrication, et al. Strong leadership and communication skills with a design-oriented approach to architecture.


*Construction documents

“The course focuses on advanced methods of project delivery and construction documents incorporating digital technologies and investigating new models of linking design and construction processes. It introduces Building Information Modeling as one of the tools for realignment of the traditional relationships between the project stakeholders. Using a mixed-use residential, office and public building located in Los Angeles, students will analyze and develop the architecture by creating a detailed 3D digital model and a set of 2D construction documents specifically tailored for the design challenges of a mixed-use project.”
Course description from Pavel Getov and Kerenza Harris

Produced with Tamara Birghoffer, Heyifan Jin, Yunbin Wang, Chengyu Zhang, and Zile Zhang
Instructed by Pavel Getov and Kerenza Harris