Kendall Mann

What Difference Does it Make?

UG Thesis 2022 ++
*      Thesis Prep
*      Diagrams and reseach
*      Drawings I
*      Drawings II
*      Model photographs

Architecture in the Expanded Field

Vertical Studio 2021 ++
*       Models and research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II


Advanced Project Delivery 2021 ++
*       Construction documents
*       Wall sections and details

Museum as Accumulation

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Diagrams and models
*       Drawings I
*       Drawings II
*       Plan animation

Matters of Congestion

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II

In the Field

2020 - 2022 ++
*       Photography and videography

Kendall Mann —

  1. Graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc] with a B. Arch. Proficient in Rhino, Vray, Revit, Adobe Suite, AutoCad, Fabrication, et al. Strong leadership and communication skills with a design-oriented approach to architecture.


*Drawings II

01. Section C

02. SectionB

03. SectionA

The most scenic and volumetrically unique spaces, such as the rotunda, require the fastest-paced movement. The visitor does not see art in the rotunda, but instead, catches a glimpse of the voided heart that is the core of the building. The rotunda is a moment when the building becomes an object on display in the museum; after traveling through it, the building falls more to the background in order to highlight its collections.

04. Northwest elevation

Produced with Tamara Birghoffer
Instructed by Russell Thomsen