Kendall Mann

What Difference Does it Make?

UG Thesis 2022 ++
*      Thesis Prep
*      Diagrams and reseach
*      Drawings I
*      Drawings II
*      Model photographs

Architecture in the Expanded Field

Vertical Studio 2021 ++
*       Models and research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II


Advanced Project Delivery 2021 ++
*       Construction documents
*       Wall sections and details

Museum as Accumulation

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Diagrams and models
*       Drawings I
*       Drawings II
*       Plan animation

Matters of Congestion

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II

In the Field

2020 - 2022 ++
*       Photography and videography

Kendall Mann —

  1. Graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc] with a B. Arch. Proficient in Rhino, Vray, Revit, Adobe Suite, AutoCad, Fabrication, et al. Strong leadership and communication skills with a design-oriented approach to architecture.


*Drawings and models I

01. Chunks depicting folded geometries and ground conditions

“The studio centers on the Veteran Administration campus in Los Angeles, the largest such campus devoted to veterans in the United States. On this site, numerous and often competing functions intertwine, including hospitals and housing, parks and parking lots, recreation and rehabilitation. The VA campus in West LA seems both extremely full and incredibly empty at the same time. It is the vital center for thousands of vets and their families who require mental and physical therapy, housing, social services and public re-engagement. But it is also a campus filled with vacated buildings, outdated facilities and empty lots. Currently, the added stress of COVID-19 has turned the once picturesque district into a series of temporary functions: tents fill the parks, housing homeless veterans in a socially distanced manner; cones fill the parking lots, directing cars toward makeshift testing facilities. Puncturing these informal settlements and temporary landscapes are privately leased lands—UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Stadium, Brentwood School buildings and sports fields, and Breitburn’s oil well—all of which have participated in recent lawsuits to compensate the veterans for their exploitation of federal lands. From the funds collected and redistributed, a master plan has been proposed to finally build housing and a sequence of public spaces that would bring modern functionality and civic pride to the community.”
Course description from Maxi Spina

02. Model photograph showing mass submerged in landscape

03. Sectional model photograph showing mass and ground relationship

Instructed by Maxi Spina