Kendall Mann

What Difference Does it Make?

UG Thesis 2022 ++
*      Thesis Prep
*      Diagrams and reseach
*      Drawings I
*      Drawings II
*      Model photographs

Architecture in the Expanded Field

Vertical Studio 2021 ++
*       Models and research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II


Advanced Project Delivery 2021 ++
*       Construction documents
*       Wall sections and details

Museum as Accumulation

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Diagrams and models
*       Drawings I
*       Drawings II
*       Plan animation

Matters of Congestion

Design Studio 2020 ++
*       Research
*       Drawings and models I
*       Drawings and models II

In the Field

2020 - 2022 ++
*       Photography and videography

Kendall Mann —

  1. Graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc] with a B. Arch. Proficient in Rhino, Vray, Revit, Adobe Suite, AutoCad, Fabrication, et al. Strong leadership and communication skills with a design-oriented approach to architecture.


*Drawings and models II

01. Serial elevation oblique longitudinal sections and cross sections

“An autonomous object, the bunker is linked to its environment by a relationship that is not only that of foreground to background but, conversely, that of background to foreground.” In contrast to the hidden terrain that the bunker lives within, this project fractures the topography as it reaches the surface it’s buried beneath.
Virilio, Paul. Bunker Archeology. Architectural Press, 1994.

02. Ground level: 1. Entrance 2. Housing 3. Cafeteria/grocery 4.Temple 5. Baths 6. Group therapy 7. Community recreations 8. Terraced gardening 9. Green space 10. Primary subterranean access

03. Basement level four: 1. Entrance lobby 2. Study 3. Yoga 4. Reading room 5. Baths 6. Group therapy 7. Community recreations 8. Terraced gardening 9. Support/technical 10. Primary subterranean access 11. Underground tunnel 12. Vantage point

04. Worm’s eye rendering depicting carved ground condition

Instructed by Maxi Spina